The World

By | April 2, 2011

I wanted it big. Insanely big. Kind of 9 galaxies Elite style big. But I need people to orientate and relate. I remember I was so happy when I found out Pirates! actually used real Caribbean map for their game. My world geography was not very good, me being 8 and all.  So I need a map of the real world. A big map. And NASA delivered. Now just to cut it, distort it, stretch it, scale it. Get it to Airplay. Somehow. Build a 3d terrain object with it. Easy. Right.

I know something about, vectors, matrices, view frustum, culling, vertices, triangles, normals,  and transform and lighting. Not much, but enough to make my way around Airplay’s IwGx and make it work. It was not smooth going, as it never really is, but I got it to show. First glimpse of visual stimuli and now I can breathe again. Really, I can’t work with something I don’t see. I know that is bad way to start a game design, but I can’t help it. So childish, I know. Now just add water and here we go, the new world is born:

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