Appszoom review: 7.0 GREAT

By | May 28, 2014

appszoom “Plunder and profit as a pirate on a quest for glory in this MMORPG Ever played Sid Meier’s Pirates? Welcome to Luka Jandrić’s SeaCraft!, similar in spirit and gameplay but made multiplayer and modified for mobile. Establish your empire through captaining your ship from port to port. Cajole mayors from over 10 empires around the world, attack and plunder the loot of other players’ fleets, and take on challenging missions to spread word of your pirate prowess. Trade up to bigger and better ships to rise in rank and title. Explore the enormous map, complete with over 5000 coastal towns”… full review.

3 thoughts on “Appszoom review: 7.0 GREAT

  1. A.A

    Grats for making a fun game. already spent more than 24 hours playing it. But is there some sort of forum for the game? Also what is really missing is a chat function so you can smacktalk the other pirates. Yarr!
    You should also think about balancing the ships and coast defences. Making the smaller ships faster and more agile than the bigger ones. And making it more difficult to take over the harbors. Right now you can destroy even the 2 tower harbor very easy with the ship of the line. Maybe you could also decrease the prizes for the ships just for the early stage of the game while not so many people are playing because there are a few people still swimming around it those cheap starting ships which are for some reason slower than the ship of the line which is the biggest one.

  2. Lie

    If you have too much success, you will be banned from the game. As the most successful player in the game, I can no longer play with the same account. There should be a disclaimer.

  3. Looka Post author

    Errr…sorry about that! :) Play on!

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