Moving along

By | June 13, 2011

Well, they are all just standing there. I need them to move. No problem, speed vector along orientation and on tick position update. But hell, ships are going through the islands, dolphins swimming into walls. Nightmare. I need AI. Possibly with retarded IQ, but still. If you are below the terrain height you should really turn around. Please. That did it. Still far from pretty, but at least you get some illusion of intelligence . What I really want is look ahead vector, rotating animation, and large random angle for them to turn. Will do. Most of the wildlife will be for cosmetic purposes only anyway, and each player will see it’s own “decorations”. No need to keep them synced from game server, and hence AI / physics are done on client side. For player ships, we can’t never trust the client to do such delicate, game critical calculations. We need more wildlife, at least a whale and seagulls. Clouds. Clouds will be essential for gameplay, leave you to it to guess why as well as the names of these islands.

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