Well, I just got jammed!

By | June 16, 2011

In a surprise dick move today, Airplay SDK decided to revoke all free licenses, and suggested we should all just pay up or just drop dead. We have 30 days. To make up for it, they changed their name to Marmalade and put some flashy new icons on their website. Now, I really didn’t mind purchasing the license for Android before publishing (iOS was free), but now price went from $99 to $499. Annually. Or you can get it for $149 if you will have their in app splash screen during loading time. Now still, those are not completely unacceptable terms, but it made a lot of people, including myself, wonder what the terms will change to in next quarter? Luckily I don’t have 10 licensees or 10 years of code written for the damn thing, but this really served as a nice warning as for all “we love indies” packages. They can essentially void any code any company has for their SDK at any point in time! I guess it’s time for some agonizing reappraisal of the whole dev scene.  Not sure what will come next. Another porting? Going native? Or paying up and shutting up. It’s a sad day for indies. And for the Ideaworks. I understand that they are just profit driven company, like any other, but they had so much more going for them. They have big players and large clients, as well as numerous indie user base. Don’t understand why they really needed to do this. We trusted them with time and effort and they used it to gain publicity and popularity. Well played. We should’ve known better, really. It is definitely not a “free as in speech” software. O WebGL, where art thou?

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