Exciting Times

By | March 21, 2012

Ocean got alive finaly. After much thinking and researching about right technique for sea rendering (and there are many), I opted and delivered two overlapping and semi-transparent textures, (cloud and lava tiles generated in GIMP), moving over each other on 3:1 Lissajous curves. Sweet! Trails got remade, to be more smooth and pretty. I spend more time in Blender, working on towns, trees, chests, barrels and animated birds. Meanwhile I introduced myself to Python as well as Blender API, and played some with Blender to Marmalade exporter. I decided that *ALL* visual art will be done by yours truly, and will be using stock or cc by-sa 3.0 music and sound effects. Found some gamedev blog entry reminding me that it is easer to fake 2d/3d art than faking a working c++ code. On that conjecture, I listened to some creative commons music while ordering easypen i405! :)

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