By | March 5, 2012

Yes, it has been a year since I started this. The most demotivating fact ever. But. Didn’t quit. How many actual hours? I don’t really know. :) If I was 8 hours a day on this, my guestimate is that it would be one month instead. But I don’t have deadlines so I pretend that I don’t care. Do I see the light at the end of the tunnel? No. Another year at least then. I guess all, ahem, great, things take time. Just ask James Cameron. I find it hard to check “completed” on anything. Everything can be done better. Faster, more pretty, more play worthy. I have a feeling that each fancy feature I add on top, it doubles the total game value. And that never ends. Each new idea I renounce with excuse of keeping focus, seems such a shame. It’s such a shame you can’t change terrain, pinch and zoom in and out, build and own new cities, walk on land, post on facebook, play on Windows/Mac, choose a soundtrack, have guilds, drink rum, meet girls, drink more rum, marry, upload pictures and logos, have treasure fleets and silver trains. “It’s such a shame, it would be so cool and it’s not that hard to implement”. As if each feature would double the number of players. I need to have end in sight. I need to focus on slowly wrapping things up. I would really like finalized and polished package before Christmas… some year.

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