Open call: Design a ship – save a seagull!

By | January 13, 2014

UntitledSo, new ships are ordered and will be delivered… eventually. Meanwhile, why don’t you try some 3D modelling yourself? I hereby publish all my game models under CC0 (do what you want) license. It’s really easy to start:

1) Download Blender
2) Download SeaCraft models.
3) Have fun!

If you wish, you are all more than welcome to send back any of your work to be included in upcoming versions of SeaCraft! If it is of any reassurance, I never did any 3D modeling before I did this, so if you have any free time and want to sail in your own ship type or design empire cities and vegetation – it’s your chance! Of course you are free to keep your models with full ownership privileges. :)

5 thoughts on “Open call: Design a ship – save a seagull!

  1. 9tailedfoxdragon

    I think this is brilliant, I’m already starting to make my ship but stumbling at the how to blender with no help from their site.

  2. Satannas

    I just hope that there will be ships of great size and of varying quality. Ships must be modeled with triangles or quadpoly?

  3. Looka Post author

    I hope that too! :) Won’t be much bigger than current largest I guess but definitely varying acceleration, max speed, damage impact, durability, turn-ability and of course capacity. Tris or quads are both good I think.

  4. Rirath

    Thanks for releasing this – just a suggestion, putting a license.txt with the CC0 and your info inside the archive is a good idea. Not only does it give people who found it a chance to check out your other work, it lets everyone know what they can do with the assets.

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