Supposed Gameplay

By | September 13, 2011

For the first time I think i might have a feeling what actual gameplay might look like. To get gold, players will need to complete quests and missions, which can be contracted in towns. Those will mainly require sailing to increasingly distant locations. Sailing takes time, which takes food, which takes cargo space, which is defined by the type of ship owned. Ergo, ships have range, but also strength, speed, turning, wind usage and of course firepower. Ships can be bought at towns and can multiplayer battle, damage and sink, leaving some gold and food for looting. Ships can be sank by enviroment as well (storm, reefs and if unlucky giant octopus!).  Each city docking costs a small gold fee, but allows savegame, food refill, damage repair and upgrades. You can be titled gouverner of any town for public name display and earning docking interest. It will be facebook integrated for login, achievments post and getting drunk on rum with your friends, if docked in same city. :)

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