Quests for Glory… and Gold

By | February 13, 2012

Having enough of candy, I’m moving back to regular diet. Quests. Generation, purchase and completion of each. Along with trading and ship plundering / looting, this is one of the cornestones of gameplay and gold income. I have made up up to nine different types, differing in purchasing price, capacity and reward. Destination cities are dynamically randomly selected within distances related to your ship type, while distance is proportional to reward. Menus as splash images are now implemented on town docking, so one can now at least quit game in decent fashion. ZLIBed JSON is again involved for transfer, seems to be working fine. For testing I did deploy game on Kindle Fire and it worked great. Proverbialy, time does work for me since hardware is gaining on me!Also, I decided that to use towns as purchasable realestate, making it the real goal of the game. Each transaction will increase it’s price by 10% percent. Total net worth will be used as global hall of fame.

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