Pushing forward

By | September 12, 2011

Again, a lot of work was done as well as wasted spent on learning, but with no new fancy screenshots to show for it. Client now communicates with server only – Redis is now exclusively available to Node server, implementing cornerstone of multiplayer security. Network performance was also improved by eliminating some unnecessary blocking requests and moving all messages in single round-trip message. Dead reckoning is reintroduced to work along weighing, giving much more fluent and responsive feel to the game. Some management of suspend/resume was implemented. Persistence is functional, so users will continue wherever they logged off. World map was rebuilt, with some rescaling. New city import was made to include more smaller towns totaling over 5000 – only criteria was not to have larger town nearby. After some downtime in Joyent, server was moved to Amazon EC2 – they give great machines for free for a year, you should really check it out.

And yes, builds are ready for Android, iOS, and Win32! Yes, copyrighted senseless and equally unwarranted, but free as in beer. Let me know how if it works on your favorite device.

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