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By | April 20, 2011

Towns. I need a good town list, with proper names, GPS coordinates, population. Since those were not available in 1600’s I will use current. US military had some, but they were way too… errr.. messy. I ended up finding very nice list on which was far more usable. Much alike NASA maps, it is amazingly beautiful set of raw data. Mapping those to world map gave me city height and access and orientation to the sea. I had to filter out continentals and towns below 10k people not to have too much of them. As it turns out, some areas are still too crowded with towns, while some extremely empty. I will re-filter the list so only towns with no larger neighbors are in.That way it will always be that some town close enough, but not too much of them too close. After some miscalculations I finally got them to land perfectly on our map. Data is getting big. We need database.

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