Ordem e Progresso

By | February 19, 2014

Untitled Progress is slow and painful as usual. After 10 years in development I still underestimate work involved. I will never learn. Anyway, game action now entirely on UDP, with twice the frequency and with no cursed TCP blocking all users should feel improvement. I hope. Also, maps are done! 7x and 27x zoom ins, with complete terrain data (it’s compressed into oblivion and streamed so no worries, game size will not increase due to this). All live players are shown in their colors as well as recent events such as shipwrecks and towns destroyed, with hints if from own empire. And all towns in their colors. So getting there. Also, due to great interest from a fan, there will be bunch new ships, Arab and Asian town models, including brand new towers, and one swimming whale! But first onto device migration and speed control… Targeting early March, but by now you are all very well aware of my estimation skills….

3 thoughts on “Ordem e Progresso

  1. Looka Post author

    Me too! :) Speed control and account migration done. Tower building and destroying done. Now the models. And then plenty of tweaking and testing before deployment. Ugh.

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