Bringing it home

By | September 16, 2013

1Flags! Flags everywhere. I need to stop with Buzz meme. Empires as starting points, and their colours. Plundering and conquering now working! Fight for yie empire. TIL that you can reduce texture by ¾ by disabling mipmapping. And yet by another ⅓ by using rgb565 instead rgb888. Circumnavigation finally. So many things to keep in mind when showing last and first regions at the same time. Towns really fire back. Semi retarded, but still dangerous. Four catchy music themes are going in. All from incompetech. Bit remixed and shortened. Also sound effects seem ready. God I hope raw files will be compressed by derbh.

EDIT – It does but not by much. 30%. AAC and MP3 are out of package. AAC is better but not working on win/ipad1. But sound is so essential. I’m enjoying playing it! :P

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