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Congrats to eViLdAd!

schatzkisteAfter 5 days of wandering Pacific, this old sea dog finally did it! He found the lost apple shaped island! Loot well deserved, Earl of Apple’s Eye! Godspeed and fair winds, eViLdAd!

Open call: Design a ship – save a seagull!

UntitledSo, new ships are ordered and will be delivered… eventually. Meanwhile, why don’t you try some 3D modelling yourself? I hereby publish all my game models under CC0 (do what you want) license. It’s really easy to start:

1) Download Blender
2) Download SeaCraft models.
3) Have fun!

If you wish, you are all more than welcome to send back any of your work to be included in upcoming versions of SeaCraft! If it is of any reassurance, I never did any 3D modeling before I did this, so if you have any free time and want to sail in your own ship type or design empire cities and vegetation – it’s your chance! Of course you are free to keep your models with full ownership privileges. :)

Lost Island!

appleseyeThere be these stories ye see… about an island … island in shape of an apple! It be hidden in vastness of great Pacific they say. An island that holds a small town.  The town that is said to have a million pieces of gold in it – feebly guarded. Whoever finds it, is sure to profit!

Aaaand iOS is here!

iosAs of this mornin’ both free and paid versions are available at iTunes store! To boot, we continue with 50% off sale, just to feel the market some. Welcome our dear applelubbers!

Server-side magic

UntitledHaving a server-side actually has many advantages. Publishing app updates on app stores can be tiresome, takes time, and all of your users have to actually do the update in order for any changes to take effect for them. Things get even worse if you have four different mobile platforms to publish. However, having a lot of app logic on server means you can fix, tweak and adjust plenty without users, or stores even noticing it. Beside terrain fixing as shown in last post, I was also able to implement dynamic tavern news headlines – a feature only wished upon yesterday. So it’s a nice way of announcing game play relevant changes. Ship physics like turning on slow speed, bounce speeds and damages were also adjusted. Town hit checks were also improved on the fly. Most remarkably, upon requests and complaints of many (my friends and family included), I was able to implement buy-all/sell-all functionality on multiple fast button presses! To think I can change UI experience from server side code without end user client restart (let alone app update!) is just awesome. Furthermore, it is done without end-user disconnection, that is, without server script restart, which is even more fancy. Using Node.JS with REPL module implemented gives you power to change anything in running code, from values of variables to functions code itself! But enough about development, let’s take a on a quest and sail away!

Canal digging weekend!

UntitledAs of today, the world is a better place! Bosphorus,  Suez and Panama canals are now open for business! Also special thanks to the good people of Georgia and Azerbaijan for digging 800km long 10km wide and deep canal this afternoon, thus finally achieving long term dream of connecting Caspian and Black Sea! :) Feel free to mail any terrain / sea / city issues you may have.